About Us

Our Mission

United Way of Southern Maryland (UWSOMD)'s mission is to impact lives in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.

Our Vision

We imagine a day when we've eliminated all barriers to sustained well-being across the tri-county community.

Our North Star

The number of individuals, communities and partners UWSOMD positively impacts.

Our Moonshot

As catalytic changemakers, we lead in uniting Southern Maryland such that all family and community needs are fully met.

Our Values

  • Equity (We intentionally include everyone, in large part by dismantling systemic, institutional and historic barriers)
  • Respect (We treat all people fairly, with dignity, with a focus on the building of bonds and trust)
  • Integrity (We work with everyone honestly, transparently, sincerely, consistently and reliably)
  • Accountability (We are committed to doing things right: having the right data, metrics, rules, policies, and procedures in place, and being held to those by our community)
  • Utility (We are committed in every engagement to providing and adding value to individuals, partners and communities)
  • Compassion (We lead by operating in every interaction with empathy, grace and loving-kindness as we seek the common good)


Learn how United Way of Southern Maryland is improving education, income and health in our community.