Community Impact Grants

United Way of Calvert County Community Impact grants are how we invest local dollars in our community to address specific community-centered issues.Funding decisions are made through a competitive application process that is open for new applicants once every five years.Successful applicants are awarded grant funds annually throughout the five year investment period.Our Community Impact grants invest in high performing nonprofit organizations provide programs and services aligned with our three strategic priority areas of Education, Financial Stability, and Health.


Focus Areas & Objectives
  1. School Readiness – Students enter kindergarten ready to learn
  2. Healthy Communication – Students feel supported at school, both intellectually & emotionally
  3. High School Success – Students graduate from high school with plans for employment or advanced education/training
  1. Increase access to early learning & literacy resources for parents & young children
  2. Increase communication about community activities & programs for youth & families
  3. Increase communication about healthy relationships, self-esteem, and inclusivity
  4. Expand out of school support (mentoring, tutoring, asset development, etc.) to support youth in underserved neighborhoods
  5. Provide youth with opportunities for college & career exploration
  6. Expand educational opportunities by providing increased access to transportation 


Focus Areas & Objective
  1. Workforce Readiness – Individuals are able to enter the workforce with the skills & resources necessary to succeed
  2. Family-Sustaining Employment – Adults have jobs that pay a living wage, provide paid sick leave, & pathways for advancement
  3. Manageable Expenses – Families have the financial skills to live independently, without receiving public assistance
  1. Prepare individuals to obtain jobs in high-growth sectors through skills training, job fairs, etc.
  2. Connect qualified workers to employment opportunities
  3. Expand employment opportunities by providing increased access to transportation
  4. Provide supports that helps individuals retain employment & advance their careers
  5. Offer financial education on budgeting, saving, debt reduction, credit building, and home ownership
  6. Collaborate to implement community-wide effort to increase financial training availability 


Focus Areas & Objective
  1. Mental Health – Individuals experiencing mental health crisis receive appropriate intervention services
  2. Substance Abuse – Abusers & their families achieve a drug-free lifestyle
  3. Accessibility – Individuals & families have access to behavioral health treatment
  1. Implement and/or increase awareness of early screening & intervention services
  2. Engage family members in supporting & participating in a patient’s care & recovery
  3. Provide rehabilitative and/or employment opportunities upon release from detention center, treatment programs, etc.
  4. Implement and/or increase awareness of post-care services
  5. Increase coordination between health care providers & behavioral health-related community services & supports
  6. Expand access to behavioral health services through transportation.