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Our Work

United Way brings people together to solve problems that affect us all. Rather than put a band-aid on local issues, United Way of Calvert County aims to make a larger impact. United Way of Calvert County is putting all its resources behind education, income and health. Here is how:


Improving education starts long before children enter school. When youth come to school behind their peers, they rarely catch up. The same children struggling to read in 3rd grade, are getting suspended in middle school, and dropping out a few years later. That’s why United Way of Calvert County is putting energy behind early literacy, academic support, self-esteem building, and college and career exploration – all proven strategies to help kids succeed.


Obesity is a root cause of many of our community's major health problems- diabetes and heart disease. United Way of Calvert County is mobilizing residents and resources to help those most at risk by implementing a countywide health initiative, Calvert CAN: Eat Right! Move More! Breathe Free! and promoting the distribution of prescription discount cards. Our strategies afford people of all ages and economic backgrounds opportunities for healthier living.


To address the obstacles that prevent hard working families from getting ahead financially, United Way of Calvert County is investing in strategies that provide free tax preparation assistance and financial literacy education. United Way supports families meeting their basic needs while gaining the financial stability to plan for and accomplish long term financial goals.